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Kusasa is developing a financial processing system for businesses to scale and drive our revolutionary SMART management tools.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to embed business acumen value, we make cognitive learning possible and make it impossible for traditional services to compete.

Thinking about the importance of how to give people the ability to carry out business with all the resources needed, but not accessible, where they do not have business acumen, gave rise to our business model.

Our Approach

We are helping business owners reduce failure risks by using autonomous Business Processing as a Service, a transformation catalyst to qualitative economic development and distribution of business intelligence, for an interconnected educated supply chain.

The benefits of autonomous straight through processing for accounting and transacting is clear. More effective use of time means lower costs and scalability. More importantly it means new sources of value for end-users, business owners. A new way to access management skills, to transform resource use and supply chain relationships.

Traditional financial and business service models are no longer fit for purpose.

We are moving away from the silos that generate duplication of function, create layered costs and report history work.

We are moving to a fully integrated business platform offering financial processing to deliver smart management tools for small business users to scale. A drastic change to how business is done will enable in real-time recording to transform data to predictive insight and to transform reporting to proactive decision-making.

This means that business owners no longer participate in processing financial information, this is purely the function of eBPaaS service providers, who given the ability to gather relevant data for analytics monitor and mentor, to SUPPORT cognitive learning and guide business acumen skills transfer, for users in the learning curve. Users are connected to gain knowledge and understanding, control performance, manage business outcomes and take responsibility to reduce failure risks, all key to achieving scale.

Our Progress

Human characteristic and performance rates are independent variables in trying to build a digital business ecosystem. No single learning matrix can apply equally to all users, so these transformations will need to be adapted and tailored to suit segment needs, people’s customs and habits and each countries legislation.

We ask thoughtful questions and first seek to understand, research and test, and go into the environment to work with people and experience their challenges to find what needs to happen, key to what we are really trying to accomplish. A financial performance-oriented, digital operational and development system . Scaling business acumen value, expanding skills and abilities to enhance and improve what people are doing. IMPACT and SUPPORT.

Our Impact

SMART Management tools for designing and implementing 5 transformations, and describe and validates change.

- in real-time financial reporting and insight.

- cognitive learning with embedded business acumen value.

- Integrated value chains and interconnected supply chains.

- performance measurement.

- wealth building.

Using FinTech and EdTech. The alignment of financial insight and cognitive learning is a powerful collaboration to deliver smart management for users to master business acumen, incentivize performance and to SUPPORT lifelong learning and wealth building beyond tomorrow.

Reduce Business Failure

Using technology continuously find new ways to drive scale and push against poverty.

Scale Subsistence Farmers.

Develop commercial opportunities. Using circular economy principles find new ways to drive zero waste and push against hunger.

Impact Economic Growth.

Promote best practices in the workplace. Using innovation find new ways to help businesses create jobs and provide fair employment.

Improve Ability and Capacity.

Using performance outcomes find new ways to give small business a voice against inequality of opportunity and red tape.

Promote Responsible Decision-making.

Using collaborative knowledge sharing and learning find ways to develop strong leaders for the future.

Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies can make major contributions towards virtually all Sustainable Development Goals if transformations provide changes in working practices, improve approaches to inclusion and access and act as a catalyst for meaningful impact that supports goals for sustainability beyond tomorrow.

Take Action

We are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as a tool for meaningful IMPACT and to create effective SUPPORT for businesses to scale.